How to set up irssi advanced window list

I just finally made advanced window list to work. I was getting the following in the statusbar ‘AWL: Run adv_windowlist from the shell or switch to sbar mode‘ and didn’t know until I asked for help on freenode irssi channel.

The solution was /set awl_viewer off

Additional changes to AWL layout
/format awl_display_key = $Q%K|$N%n $H$C$S
/format awl_display_key_active = $Q%K|$N%n $H%U$C%n$S
/format awl_display_nokey = [$N]$H$C$S

Info from 

# /format awl_display_(no)key(_active|_visible) 
# * string : Format String for one window. The following $'s are expanded:
# $C : Name
# $N : Number of the Window
# $Q : meta-Keymap
# $H : Start highlighting
# $S : Stop highlighting

Full script

More info for setting up:


Author: Michal Zuber

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One thought on “How to set up irssi advanced window list”

  1. Thank you! I ran into this problem myself and this was an easy solution.

    I found that I had to leave out the equals signs in the format commands, or else they would appear in the display. But maybe that depends on the version of Irssi or something.

    Thanks again!

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