Locating body pain and resolving with exercise

After broken L4 vertebrae I was looking for which muscles depend on it. First I tried Wikipedia search with luck http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lumbar_spinal_nerve_4
It listed the following muscles:

quadratus lumborum
gluteus medius muscle
gluteus minimus muscle
tensor fasciae latae
obturator externus
inferior gemellus
quadratus femoris

Because I don’t know the exact location of the muscles I search in on zygotebody.com Thanks to visualizing I better understand and know exactly the location of the muscle in me.

quadratus lumborum
Search ‘quadratus lumborum’, make sticky, then move sliders

Now that I have the list of muscles I can search by their names for exercises, best place to start is maybe YouTube.  Starting with the first muscle the following exercises look promising:

Some explanation of a therapist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4P6eIuxq6A


Author: Michal Zuber

Full stack developer, biker and rollerblader. Owner and developer at https://nevilleweb.sk/ Co-founded http://neville.sk/ Blog at https://michalzuber.wordpress.com/

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