Different sitting, resting positions

Due sitting work I had to find some different sitting positions to stretch some muscles, rest some and as Ido Portal says it “move” or as Kelly Starrett says “Your best position is your next position
So I used Google Images search to find different positions, get inspired and found some really interesting writings.

sitting positions
Source from Seat design under the Oriental Culture http://www.ocdc.or.kr/doc/1516
Resting positions
Image from “Your position in life” at http://www.katysays.com/your-position-in-life/

An interesting research paper Influence of different positions on hemodynamics derived from noninvasive transcutaneous Doppler ultrasound that introduced me to a new field called Hemodynamics which as noted on the Wiki page it studies blood flow, motion and equilibrium under the action of external forces.

Great stuff is also at http://deskhacks.com/reduce-standing-desk-fatigue/ (Some are from Kelly Starrett)

Me practicing it

Exercise is not movement – http://www.katysays.com/

Nov.10 2014 http://www.mnrpa.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/MRPA-Presentation-Aligned-To-Move.pdf

PS: For timing I use http://e.ggtimer.com/20minutes


Author: Michal Zuber

Full stack developer, biker and rollerblader. Owner and developer at https://nevilleweb.sk/ Co-founded http://neville.sk/ Blog at https://michalzuber.wordpress.com/

One thought on “Different sitting, resting positions”

  1. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the movement culture. I have been studying movement and how we relate to the many environments that transcend through on a given day. I am on a mission to help the average person to restore and sustain their ability to move well; and to assist them in transferring basic, multi-directional movements into both daily and recreational activities. With respect to sitting dynamically I refer you to this blog post:


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