Parsing XML with nested namespaces in PHP

I received a XML with categories in it from Pohoda software from a client.
I struggled a bit with it, beacuse it contained nested namespaces what was new to me.
After figuring out it on my own I realized I could try google it and with luck I found ideas and code to reuse.

I came up with the following code to parse the XML:

$xml = file_get_contents(POHODA_CATEGORIES.xml);
$xml = simplexml_load_string($xml);
$ns = $xml->getNameSpaces(true);

foreach ($xml->xpath('//lst:categoryDetail') as $categories) {
    $ctg = $categories->children($ns['ctg']);
    foreach ($ctg->category as $category) {

        insert_page($category->id, $category->name);
        foreach ($c->subCategories->category as $subcategory) {
            insert_page($subcategory->id, $subcategory->name);

I also published a gist for it


Author: Michal Zuber

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