The truth about how creativity really works by Taylor Pearson

​The best starting point for understanding Boyd’s views on creativity and innovation is an essay called “Destruction and Creation.” It’s considered his most successful intellectual achievement and lays out a framework for how a smaller entity, be it guerilla fighters or a startup, can outcompete a vastly larger opponent.

At just seven pages, the writing has the density of plutonium.

Boyd spent four years working and refining the paper.

As people see more ads, the click through rate goes down faster. The very first ad you saw on the internet was cool and interesting. The 100,000th ad you saw was annoying and made you install ad blocking software.

In order to maintain a high capacity for independent action, you have to constantly destroy your existing conceptual system and resynthesize from the constituent parts.

We need to improve our ability to change our minds based on a changing reality.



Author: Michal Zuber

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