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Open new Chrome window from command line via SSH

I switch between computers and sometimes when I’m switching I need to push an URL/prepare a window so found a solution with the following command: mike@remotehost $ export DISPLAY=:0; nohup chromium –new-window UPDATE 2017-06-18

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Browser memory usage

I was curious why did Chromium “eat” my system memory and so I checked chrome://chrome-urls/ to see what’s there for memory usage debugging. Saw chrome://memory-internals/ and checked it out. There’s the proof for browser tab and extension usage. Tried closing and reopening some tabs, … Continue reading

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Custom Chrome New Tab page/extension

I wanted a custom background image for New Tab without extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Before making one I tried Momentum and Start a better new tab, but required permissions, had external network dependency, etc. So I decided to make one and … Continue reading

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