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Open GIT repo URL with git open CLI command

Thanks to Paul Irish for the git open command.  

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Composer memory limit errors

According to docs I ended up aliasing composer command: alias composer=”php -d memory_limit=-1 $(which composer)”

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Open new Chrome window from command line via SSH

I switch between computers and sometimes when I’m switching I need to push an URL/prepare a window so found a solution with the following command: mike@remotehost $ export DISPLAY=:0; nohup chromium –new-window UPDATE 2017-06-18

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Control Spotify from command line

Working on more than one computer requires some remote control and the command line is pretty elegant solution for me. Example scripts are available at I also attached the code to the multimedia keys for the keyboard in .config/awesome/rc.lua

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Control VLC playback from command line

Working on two computers requires some control from command line (CLI). Glad that VLC implemented command line control. I just found a solution at and made some command scripts in my home directory bin (~/bin). Scripts that I use can be … Continue reading

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Import Git repo with history log into Subversion repo

Many thanks to When typing git svn init exclude /trunk at the end (I failed with this), because .git/config in the svn section defines the fetch path and appends the /trunk [svn-remote “svn”] url = https://EXAMPLE.COM:PORT/svn/repo fetch = trunk:refs/remotes/origin/trunk … Continue reading

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Remember SVN password

Finally found the solution at After first successful authentication edit $HOME/.subversion/servers [global] store-passwords = yes store-plaintext-passwords = yes Than $HOME/.subversion/config [auth] password-stores = Delete old auth data: rm -r $HOME/.subversion/auth/ After this checkout SVN repo again and the credentials … Continue reading

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