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CSS syntax errors via CSSlint in VIM

In action You gonna need nodejs and then install CSSlint: sudo npm install -g csslint CSSlint options: $ csslint Usage: csslint-rhino.js [options]* [file|dir]* Global Options –help Displays this information. –format= Indicate which format to use for output. –list-rules Outputs all … Continue reading

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Mobile CSS testing

I just now found how to test the mobile CSS of a page in Chrome. Much better than resizing the window. To easily access the Console in Developer Tools you simply need to press the Esc key.

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Right alignment (justification) of a PHP string

In a project the client wanted that I right align numbers in a table that have text-align: left table cells. Great that PHP has a core function named str_pad which helps solving this situation. So in my case I used … Continue reading

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Invisible CAPTCHA to avoid SPAM submissions

Finally found a nice SPAM protection solution Example HTML markup: <label for=”email”>Email:</label> <input name=”email” type=”text” value=”” /> <span class=”confirmation-field”> <label for=”email-confirmation”>Email confirmation:</label> <input name=”email-confirmation” type=”text” value=”” /> </span> CSS: .confirmation-field { display: none; }

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Disable, turn off CSS

My internet connection is out 😦 740 packets transmitted, 220 received, +501 errors, 70% packet loss, time 740082ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 4.201/5.043/7.303/0.593 ms So I switched to mobile, but I used my prepaid 700MB data limit so downstream is only 64kbps … Continue reading

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Firefox or other browser not parsing CSS or JS file

Today thanks to mozilla #css IRC channel I learned and experienced why isn’t Firefox loading some CSS and JS files for a particular page. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR EXTENSIONS BEHAVIOUR

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