10 Node.js Best Practices: Enlightenment from the Node Gurus – Azat Mardan

I see how more and more people chase the next new framework or language. It’s the shiny object syndrome. They learn a new library every week and a new framework every month. They compulsively check Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News and JS Weekly. They use the overwhelming level of activity in the JavaScript world to procrastinate. They have empty public GitHub histories.

Learning new things is good but don’t confuse it for actually building stuff. What matters and what pays your salary is actually building things. Stop over engineering. You’re not building the next Facebook.

The final best practice is to use best practices and the best of the best is to master fundamentals. Read source code, try new things in code and most importantly write tons of code yourself.

from 10 Node.js Best Practices: Enlightenment from the Node Gurus by Azat Mardan

JavaScript for Old School developer

JavaScript and its modern frameworks ate backend, frontend, and everything in between, and it was time to re-become a web developer in 2017 — who writes JavaScript.

Snippet from article Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers. The article is a great primer into modern JavaScript.

Batch remove Chrome’s search engines

Chrome saves a bunch of unnecessary search engines. To remove them is a real pain in the ass, because of the slowliness of the subpage

document.querySelectorAll('#other-search-engine-list [selected] .row-delete-button').forEach(function(el) {el.click();})