How to Patch WordPress Core

I was curious how to patch WP and finally found a post–cms-20658  – Creating and Submitting a Patch to WordPress Core.

Thank you Josh


The Importance of Escaping All The Things VIP: Enterprise content management platform

Nick Daugherty is VIP Lead Engineer. Here he shares some important information about escaping in code and how that can increase security in WordPress sites anywhere in the world. 

If there’s one issue we flag more often than all others in code reviews…it’s escaping.

For starters, we should all agree that escaping (fundamentally, sanitizing input and escaping output) is a critical aspect of web application security. What may be less universally agreed upon is where to escape. On that point, we require “late escaping“- escaping as close as possible to the point of output – and further, we now require it everywherealways.

You may now be thinking:

“Do I really need to “late escape” everything? Always? Even core WordPress functions?”

We hear you. And, here’s why this is important to us:

In addition to some automated scanning, we manually review every line of code our VIP customers commit to the VIP platform. And…

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How to Design Growth: Growth Hacking 101 at Seedcamp in Rome

Great talk about growth, marketing, …

Luca Sartoni

Introduction: this presentation was performed on the 5th of June 2014, at Seedcamp in Rome. I want to thank Seedcamp, the organisation, Nicola Mattina, Giuliano Iacobelli, Carlos Espinal and my company, Automattic, for giving me the opportunity to speak in front of such a great audience.

Growth Hacking 101

Good afternoon! My name is Luca Sartoni, I work at Automattic, the company behind and many other products and today I’m gonna introduce you to Growth Hacking.

How many of you are from Rome, the eternal city? A couple of hours from here there is a lovely town called Assisi, where many many years ago San Francis used to shock the system with his unorthodox approach to religion.

Many of you, know this prayer, attributed to him:

“Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the…

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Invisible CAPTCHA to avoid SPAM submissions

Finally found a nice SPAM protection solution

Example HTML markup:

<label for="email">Email:</label>
<input name="email" type="text" value="" />
<span class="confirmation-field">
<label for="email-confirmation">Email confirmation:</label>
<input name="email-confirmation" type="text" value="" />


.confirmation-field { display: none; }