The “Danny Way Test”

Today I get to know who was rehabbing the skateboard legend Danny Way. While reading Paul Chek’s blog post Am I Ready For Hard Exercise Today? my eyes at the subtitle “Rehabbing Danny Way” which immediately caught my attention, because I saw Waiting for Lighting, the documentary movie about Danny’s life. I really recommend to watch it, I watched a couple of times in the hospital to inspire me, give me strength. This way I would like to say thank you to Danny, the crew who made the movie and Paul Chek.
OK, but back to the post subject. Paul invented and revealed an exercise to test Danny’s strenght before workout. He timed him while kneeling on a swiss ball. If he stood for 30 seconds without falling he was at peak strength.

Kneeling on Swiss Ball
Kneeling on Swiss Ball
Paul Chek in Waiting for Lighting
Paul Chek in Waiting for Lighting

Locating body pain and resolving with exercise

After broken L4 vertebrae I was looking for which muscles depend on it. First I tried Wikipedia search with luck
It listed the following muscles:

quadratus lumborum
gluteus medius muscle
gluteus minimus muscle
tensor fasciae latae
obturator externus
inferior gemellus
quadratus femoris

Because I don’t know the exact location of the muscles I search in on Thanks to visualizing I better understand and know exactly the location of the muscle in me.

quadratus lumborum
Search ‘quadratus lumborum’, make sticky, then move sliders

Now that I have the list of muscles I can search by their names for exercises, best place to start is maybe YouTube.  Starting with the first muscle the following exercises look promising:

Some explanation of a therapist