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Video cutting from start to end time using ffmpeg

Sometimes I need pieces from movies to upload to YouTube for example. It’s possible with the following nice oneliner: ffmpeg -i IN.mp4 -ss 01:12:55 -t 35 -async 1 OUT.mp4 The solution came from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18444194/cutting-the-videos-based-on-start-and-end-time-using-ffmpeg

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First experience with RAID0

In my new desktop PC I have Intel Rapid Storage technology so gave it a try. Bought a second Kingston V300 SSD to put it in RAID0. I was curious about the performance with and without RAID0 of the SSDs. So … Continue reading

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Ignore mplayer config for one run

I got the following error from mplayer: FATAL: Could not initialize video filters (-vf) or video output (-vo). I have VDPAU set in .mplayer/config by default. To ignore user config for one playback I used the -noconfig user param. On … Continue reading

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