Bought Xiaomi Mi Band 2

On 7th July a decided to buy a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 at

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

My main usage is:

  • sleep tracking
  • steps counting a.k.a. pedometer

The heart rate monitor isn’t the best, but for the bands price it’s great deal.
The new updated Android app looks great.


Facebook and Chrome connections revealed via Little Snitch

I decided to make a video showing how many connections are made after starting Chrome

And connecting to Facebook

When I opened Facebook in Firefox it made a connection to which after visiting shows 1x1px GIF image. Wikipedia info about Atdmt contains the following: “ATDMT is a tracking cookie served by Facebook subsidiary Atlas Solutions and used as a third party cookie by several websites.”
Opening FB in Chrome made connection to which after visiting informs that it is “Quantcast Measurement Service”, they provide also a table of most visited sites at Quantcast on wikipedia

Be aware of the watchers 😉