Auto access Android files via MTP filesystem

Finally figured out Android file access via MTP using autofs and jmptfs

# /etc/autofs/auto.misc

android -fstype=fuse,allow_other,umask=000 :jmtpfs

To test:

$ sudo systemctl stop autofs.service
$ sudo automount -vf
Starting automounter version 5.1.1, master map auto.master
using kernel protocol version 5.02
lookup(file): failed to read included master map auto.master
mounted indirect on /misc with timeout 300, freq 75 seconds
ghosting enabled

After listing

$ ls /misc/android
'Internal storage'

the following output should appear

attempting to mount entry /misc/android
>> Device 0 (VID=18d1 and PID=4e41) is a Google Inc (for Asus) Nexus 7 (MTP).
mounted /misc/android