Add custom list item to Breadcrumb NavXT

A client wanted an additional list item in his Breadcrumb NavXT

Came up with the following action in theme functions.php:

Remove Breadcrumb NavXT list item

In a project I had to remove Products list item from Breadcrumb NavXT

* Remove products breadcrumb
* @param object $breadcrumb_obj Breadcrumb object.
function my_bcn_after_fill( $breadcrumb_obj ) {
if ( is_category() || is_tag() || is_tax() ) {
foreach ( $breadcrumb_obj->breadcrumbs as $key => $item ) {
if ( 'Products' === $item->get_title() ) {
unset( $breadcrumb_obj->breadcrumbs[ $key ] );
add_action( 'bcn_after_fill', 'my_bcn_after_fill' );

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My first WordPress plugin

Finally finished my first WordPress plugin. With the help of  Woocommerce CSV importer I successfully imported 4175 products into WooCommerce and needed to import attributes. WP All Import is a very good paid alternative (tried there awesome demo), but as a newcomer coder I wanted to learn WP so wrote the plugin that imports those attributes.

The plugin to import
Set product attributes
All attributes
DB stats for 4175 products with their attributes