Dev tip: Learn VIM

So happy that I know how to use VIM. Why? Because sometimes I need to edit files on the remote host.
Maybe your IDE can’t successfully connect to the remote host and you end up with SSH and CLI commands.
My current scenario is implementing a payment gateway and using localhost as host is ignored 😦 I ended up coding on the shared hosting via SSH, but without slowdown thanks to VIM skills.


Become a better programmer

​Programming is communication, and only the novice would believe it’s just communication with the computer. Not so. Programming has to count what you teach to the biggest computer of them all. All code must be debugged. All code must be maintained. Few programs die with their creator. To be a better programmer, it is imperative to be a better communicator with other humans.


Disable PHPCS rule of long condition

I don’t want to comment long code statements end, but PHP CodeSniffer with WordPress Coding Standards does complain with the following error:

End comment for long condition not found; expected “//end if”

So I added the following to the projects phpcs.xml

Sniff source code PHP_CodeSniffer/src/Standards/Squiz/Sniffs/Commenting/LongConditionClosingCommentSniff.php
For more help with PHPCS rules check out Listing phpcs rules and excluding commenting sniff

Spacecraft software

Finally came across an article which describes now is software written for spacecrafts.

In the modern software environment, 80% of the cost of the software is spent after the software is written the first time — they don’t get it right the first time, so they spend time flogging it. In shuttle, they do it right the first time. And they don’t change the software without changing the blueprint. That’s why their software is so perfect.

Software is getting more and more common and more and more important, but it doesn’t seem to be getting more and more reliable.

money is not the critical constraint: the groups $35 million per year budget is a trivial slice of the NASA pie, but on a dollars-per-line basis, it makes the group among the nation’s most expensive software organizations


Learn every programming language

Great article on why to learn more programming languages.

Did you know about the existence of brainfuck programming language?

Hello World in brainfuck 😀



Replacing I’m a (PHP, Python, Javascript, C++, etc.) developer with software engineer idea kinda resonates with me. I like it.

The article mentions which has a great side-by-side feature comparison of some programming languages.