What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too. Idea from Derek Sivers)

Interested in investing by influence of The Falcon Method

Learning Docker not just due its hype, but due easing the devel environment prep, setup and maintenance.

My new continuous improvement topic moved from Perf. Marketing to BigData and machine learning (MI, AI). Currently I’m tinkering with ELK stack.

Beside everyday programming I’m nowadays more and more interested in Growth Hacking, pimping (optimizing Google Adwords) = Performance Marketing. I just bought Also requires analytical thinking, deconstructing complex stuff into simple as programming.

During work I like listening to music via Spotify, because it also helps with discovering new music. Hunting down movie soundtracks is easy with it. My Last.FM scrobbles.

Mostly every night I watch a movie to chill out from all day long coding. My movie ratings at IMDb.

My workspace

Current OSarchlinux and sometimes OSX (due Photoshop) or Windows 7 (in VirtualBox)

Workstation 2020
Synergy macbook and desktop
Workstation 2015


Sometime I’m mobile

For more now pages visit, I have it from one of Ferriss podcast guest.

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