Network connection speed in status bar on Android

Don’t know if it’s a new Android feature or Xiaomi improvement, but I┬ádefinitely like network connection speed in the status bar.

If you don’t have it in the Notifications settings menu

Xiaomi notifications, toggle Show connection speed

than you could use an app for that, e.g.

Auto access Android files via MTP filesystem

Finally figured out Android file access via MTP using autofs and jmptfs

# /etc/autofs/auto.misc

android -fstype=fuse,allow_other,umask=000 :jmtpfs

To test:

$ sudo systemctl stop autofs.service
$ sudo automount -vf
Starting automounter version 5.1.1, master map auto.master
using kernel protocol version 5.02
lookup(file): failed to read included master map auto.master
mounted indirect on /misc with timeout 300, freq 75 seconds
ghosting enabled

After listing

$ ls /misc/android
'Internal storage'

the following output should appear

attempting to mount entry /misc/android
>> Device 0 (VID=18d1 and PID=4e41) is a Google Inc (for Asus) Nexus 7 (MTP).
mounted /misc/android

Android full backup with adb

To download Anroid SDK go to

The backup command

mike@mikembp:~/Downloads/android/sdk/platform-tools$ ./adb backup -all
Now unlock your device and confirm the backup operation.

Default backup file name is backup.ab

mike@mikembp:~/Downloads/android/sdk/platform-tools$ ls -la backup.ab
-rw-r-----  1 mike  wheel    60M Feb  9 07:39 backup.ab

Get some log stuff to examine phone stat data

mike@mikembp:~/Downloads/android/sdk/platform-tools$ ./adb logcat -b radio -d > radio.logcat
mike@mikembp:~/Downloads/android/sdk/platform-tools$ ./adb logcat -d > adb.logcat

Rooting an Android Samsung Galaxy Advance S GT-I9070

Today I googled my Androids firmware build code I9070XXLQG and read

I have Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean official update on my smartphone, which I updated with Samsung’s Kies over USB cable.

From curiosity I downloaded the rooting package and looked at root/META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script
In a nutshell, rooting is adding su (SuperUser) binary into /system/bin.

ui_print("Rooting with SuperSU 0.95 & Busybox 1.20.2");
show_progress(1.000000, 0);

ui_print("Installing temporary busybox");
package_extract_file("system/xbin/busybox", "/tmp/busybox");
set_perm(0, 0, 0777, "/tmp/busybox");

ui_print("Mounting system...");
run_program("/tmp/busybox", "mount", "/system");

ui_print("Removing old superuser");

ui_print("Installing Superuser & Busybox...");
package_extract_dir("system", "/system");

ui_print("Setting Permission...");
set_perm(0, 0, 06755, "/system/xbin/su");
set_perm(0, 0, 0644, "/system/app/superuser.apk");
set_perm(0, 0, 04755, "/system/xbin/busybox");

ui_print("Installing Busybox...");
run_program("/system/xbin/busybox", "--install", "-s", "/system/xbin");

symlink("/system/xbin/su", "/system/bin/su");

ui_print("Unmounting system...");
run_program("/tmp/busybox", "umount", "/system");

ui_print("Deleting temporary busybox");
show_progress(1.000000, 0);

ui_print("Root complete!");
ui_print("SuperSU 0.95 & Busybox 1.20.2");

After reading and playing around with adb I decided that I go for it
For strengthening my decision a checked if the MD5 matches and it matched

mike@mikembp:~/Downloads/android$ md5
MD5 ( = 3d5cc207f625a032e7ff4fe92e3e6efa

Trying su after restart

shell@android:/ $ ll data/
opendir failed, Permission denied
1|shell@android:/ $ su
shell@android:/ # ll data/
-rw------- system system 4096 2014-02-09 09:45 NVM0
-rw------- system system 16384 2014-02-08 23:08 NVM1
-rw------- system system 2832 2014-02-09 09:45 NVM13
-rw------- system system 0 2013-11-14 06:33 NVM2
-rw------- system system 83724 2014-02-08 22:46 NVM3
-rw------- system system 112 2014-02-08 23:10 NVM5
-rw------- system system 0 2013-11-14 06:33 NVM6
-rw-rw-rw- root system 15032320 2014-02-08 20:35 adm.sqlite
-rw-rw-rw- root system 0 2013-11-14 06:31 adm.sqlite-copy-datestamp-JB
drwxrwxr-x system system 2014-02-03 13:53 anr
drwxrwx--x system system 2014-02-09 07:43 app
drwx------ root root 2014-02-07 12:27 app-asec
drwxrwx--x system system 2014-02-07 12:26 app-private
drwx------ system system 2014-02-09 09:45 backup
-rw------- system system 2777 2014-02-09 09:55 cal.bin
drwxrwxr-x system system 2014-02-09 07:37 clipboard
-rw-rw-rw- nobody nobody 95613 2014-02-09 09:45 cops.log
drwxrwx--x system system 2014-02-09 09:45 dalvik-cache
drwxrwx--x system system 2014-02-09 09:44 data
drwxr-x--- root log 2013-11-14 06:31 dontpanic
drwxrwx--- drm drm 2013-11-14 06:31 drm
-rwxr--r-- system system 8 2014-02-09 09:55 hidden_volume.txt
drwxr-x--x root root 2013-11-14 06:31 local
drwxrwxr-x system log 2014-02-09 09:55 log
drwxrwx--- root root 1970-01-01 01:00 lost+found
drwxrwxr-x media_rw media_rw 2013-11-14 06:31 media
drwxrwx--t system misc 2013-12-27 09:46 misc
drwxrwxrwx media system 2013-11-20 14:27 mmdsp-SIA_2013-11-20_14-27-31_1384954051
drwx------ root root 2014-02-09 09:45 property
drwxrwx--x system system 2013-11-14 06:31 resource-cache
drwxr-x--- root shell 2013-11-14 06:31 ssh
drwxrwxr-x system system 2014-01-30 19:31 ste-debug
drwxrwxr-x system system 2014-02-09 09:55 system
drwxr-xr-x system system 2013-12-24 16:12 tombstones
drwx--x--x system system 2013-11-14 06:31 user