Video cutting from start to end time using ffmpeg

Sometimes I need pieces from movies to upload to YouTube for example.

It’s possible with the following nice oneliner:

ffmpeg -i IN.mp4 -ss 01:12:55 -t 35 -async 1 OUT.mp4

The solution came fromĀ


Convert iTunes DRM .m4v into .mp4

  1. I used Windows 7 64bit and downloaded iTunes 12.1.2 because the need to login and play the purchased TV show.
    For video converting I found Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.
  2. After adding a video into Wondershare it complains that the movie is DRM protected so after click OK a browser window should open to download Free DRM & DVD Protection Removal Plugin from
  3. After installing the plugin and rerunning the converting procedure in Wondershare it worked.

converting itunes m4v drm