How to find flow

​we can all develop our willpower and self-control by focusing on 3 steps.

1. Find your standards. Your standards are the reference points you’ll use to determine whether any action you’re going to take is desireable towards getting into a state of flow—so, whether you’re going to check your email (again) or hit your 1000 word count for the day.

2. Set up means for monitoring. Flow depends on immediate feedback and so does self control. Whatever your task, find ways to constantly monitor your performance and adjust as you continue.

3. Be wary of your energy. Our mental strength waxes and wanes throughout the day (which is why it’s so important to define your own work schedule around your energy). Understanding when you have more energy will help you stay in control and give you a better chance of entering a state of flow.


Invoice items from last month via Git alias

I invoice some of my clients on monthly basis so the following Git alias in my .gitconfig for listing last month commits is a big timesaver for me:

last-month = !git log –reverse –pretty=format:'%cd %h %s' –date=short –no-merges –since=$(date -d \"$(date +%Y-%m)-01 last month\" \"+%Y-%m-01\") –author=$(git config

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